To poison…

I’ve been on a journey with the Great Lady Hekate for just over a year now, and recently I’ve been learning about one of her symbols; the snake. Now, I am absolutely NOT an expert, but I’ve been learning that part of the snake symbology is the idea that we can be ritualistically bitten by her snakes, and the poison helps to destroy the parts of us that are no longer serving us. In a ritual allowing the destruction of those parts of our life that do not serve us, it makes a certain amount of sense that it would … Continue reading To poison…

Intro John

Greetings, I’m John, at least that’s the name I’m using here in order to keep our offline anonymity. I’ve been somewhat wary of posting on B’s site as myself. Aside from not wanting to breach her personal space, I’m the person that does the “work” for us, so I’m possibly the most likely to be “outed” if people who know us by our legal name read this blog. But I also need my own space, somewhere I don’t have to be anyone but myself. And, if I don’t post something our dearest 11 year old is going to keep doing … Continue reading Intro John

What do I talk about?

What do I talk about? Since about Christmas I’ve run out of things of certainty to talk about. I don’t know what’s interesting to people or what they might want to hear about from my list of interests and expertise. Honestly, it feels there’s no subject that I’m passionate about that could be released into the world on a blog for any function other than self gratification. And while that can be nice when you have a responsive audience, it’s not much good for the ego when you’re echoing crickets. I’ve got lots to talk about, but, every time I … Continue reading What do I talk about?


Today I’ve been watching Anne of Green Gables. It was a book our Nana gave us at some point in our early teens. I don’t remember it, so it might have been after we turned 13. I didn’t remember anything of what happened in the story line only that we adored the book, so when I saw it available for me to watch, I clicked on it. She was so much like we were. Full of passion and beauty and love and imagination and words. And strange compared to everyone else… hurt and injured by her past but trying so … Continue reading Innocence

Confidence and shame

I’ve just watched this documentary about Richard the third, how they found his skeleton and it had a really quite dramatic scoliosis of the spine. And they found a young man who was put through many hours of combat training and stuff as a “body double” to explore how effective Richard could have been in combat with this amazing S-Shaped spine. This man had almost the identical degree of twisting in his spine to Richard, so he he was a good “body double”. And he ultimately proved that Richard very well could have been a great warrior. That this amazingly … Continue reading Confidence and shame


We’ve all had tsunami dreams for our entire life. I think it’s only Bekka who usually gets twisters instead of tsunamis, or both. The rest of us dream of Tsunamis. Apparently, Carl Jung considered tsunami dreams as one of the great archetypical dream types, as in, a type of dream that almost everyone gets and that it symbolises something really big is happening. Within new age circles, a tsunami/tidal wave dream is meant to be faced. They commonly talk about being afraid of the wave, and that the only way to survive is to to turn around and face it. … Continue reading Tsunamis

An introduction

Hello, my name is Cassandra, and I’m eleven years old… but also not as well. I’m Bekka’s mindmate. Other people label our situation as a disorder: Dissociative Identity Disorder, but even with all of the troubles we have, I think our situation is a blessing because, together seven of us live a life. We’re a family. We never abandon each other. Bekka says that having DID is like having a super power! And I agree. We can get through a lot of things that very well, and very often, kill other people. So, now for a little history of me. … Continue reading An introduction

Magick and social justice

I had this argument a while back with this chick on twitter. She was posting “informative” lists of different pagan deities and practises. And then she started sharing the Enocian lists of Angels and Demons, and the structures of the Christian hell… as if these were Pagan. In fact, worse, she shared this information as if this was Wiccan mythology. So I pointed out the fact that Wicca, as in Gardinarian and Alexandrian Wicca, never EVER involved the Judeo-Christian concepts of angels and demons, and certainly not hell. Her response was something along the lines of “I’m just sharing information”, … Continue reading Magick and social justice

Fun news!

Even while life continues on with a bumpy and sometimes frustrating path, I’ve managed to write just under twenty thousand words for Will ‘o’ Witch. I posted the first scene (click me) at the beginning of May and I’ve just posted the last scenes for the second story. This is officially the middle of my book and the most words on one story I’ve ever written. So that’s very cool! I have a friend who has volunteered to be a guest writer for a story in the middle, while I take the time to properly plot the next two stories, … Continue reading Fun news!

Chester Bennington and Suicide

We’ve been suicidal to one degree or another our whole life. I have access to the memories of one of our littles, she was five and she didn’t want to be alive. Imagine that, suicidal at five years old. But no one noticed and we had to deal with it on our own. And at age 7 to 9, and at age 11 and 12, and at age 15, and at age 24, and at age 32, and finally at age 35. Except for the last one and age 24, no one noticed or cared to notice that we were … Continue reading Chester Bennington and Suicide